Joint doll

Can imitate the human limbs to make any position
  • All made of plastic, head, body, hands and feet, all made of plastic.
  • There are different ways of articulation, the doll material is hard
  • You can make more expensive dolls
  • Suitable for wearing a skirt, you can change the doll’s posture
  • You can make some collectible dolls


MOQ 500-1000 Pisces

Custom Face                             need make mould

MOQ 1000 Pisces

Custom body and face             need make mould

MOQ 1000-5000Pisces

Custom doll color

MOQ 500-1000Pisces

Change any part of the doll     need make mould

MOQ 200-300 Pisces

Custom hair style

MOQ 1000 Pisces

Custom clothing